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No pain to follow, No tear of sorrow,
No distant grief of past to borrow,
Only fill your heart with joy and laughter,
Sing and dance and live and love-
Like there is no tomorrow.

Happy Birthday.
Life has its moments unforgettable
From the days we spend on cradle,
Growing up with you was always a pleasure,
Dear Sis, your love is worth keeping as a treasure.

A very happy birthday. May happiness follow you in frolic measure.
May your spirit keep the wisdom of spring,
May your heart hold the bliss of simple things,
May your soul wrap with all the pleasures,
May your eyes have the light in frolic measures;
Your friendship and love for me is like a treasure,
And your birthday my friend is always a day to remember.
Can'€™t turn back time and make you one year younger,
Can't offer you all the riches of the world to make you happier,
I've only some simple words on this very special day to convey,
You are closest to my heart more than ever.

Wishing you Happy Birthday from the core of my heart.
05/26/2014 12:55 pm
The Delight of Smile,
The Echoes of Laughter,
The Touch of Love and
The Sharing of Cheer
Can Bring us Together, however Far we are!
Never going to miss wishing you Happy Birthday dear.
You share your birthday with 20 million people all around the world,
Among them you are the precious one I know,
Wish you could cherish every morsel of your life anew,
Because today my brother I was only thinking of you.

It's Your Day, make it as precise as possible.
05/26/2014 12:41 pm
I felt my heart over forty-two million times
Since your last Birthday,
I sensed my breath over ten million times
And never let those moments fade away,
Can’t believe how the year passed in a whisper
And got my chance again to wish you Happy Birthday!
05/26/2014 12:41 pm
Under the sky full of confetti
Groove your feet and don't stay steady,
Make this moment last forever
Sing like there's no way out of this reverie.

It's your Birthday! Make it grand!
Words alone are not enough
To express the deepest delight
Of sharing the cheer in your birthday,
This very moment will always shine bright;
Let's celebrate the eternity with joy tonight.
05/26/2014 12:40 pm
Believe in being strong
When everything seems to be going wrong,
Believe in miracle
When you think tears are adorable,
Now is the time to earn Joy and happiness
Because this is the day my friend you were born.